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","datePosted":"2023-11-07T12:47:06.334Z","validThrough":"2023-12-11","employmentType":[],"hiringOrganization":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Whop","description":"Whop is building a platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop gives these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers visiting our marketplace. We currently handle almost $150M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active merchants. \r\n","numberOfEmployees":32,"address":[{"address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Brooklyn, NY, USA"}}],"sameAs":"https://whop.com","url":"https://whop.com","logo":"https://cdn.getro.com/companies/919edbcb-b80c-511d-841f-02c720e54007","memberOf":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Interplay","description":"Interplay is a foundry and venture capital firm that builds, incubates and invests in companies.","logo":"https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/bE4llKcJThKzhoqAhlHS","url":"portfoliojobs.interplay.vc"},"keywords":"Commerce and Shopping, Internet Services"},"jobLocation":{"@type":"Place","address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Brooklyn, NY, USA"}}}

Senior Product Designer, Apps



Product, Design
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023


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Senior Product Designer, Apps

  • Design & User Experience
  • Full-time
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Remote friendly
  • 180K USD a year

About Whop

Whop is building one end-to-end platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop offers these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers who visit our marketplace. We currently handle over $200M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active sellers. Our mission is to make everyone an internet entrepreneur.

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About the role

✅ $150-180K | $120K Equity Package with four year vest
❤️ Unlimited PTO | Health, Vision, and Dental Coverage
📍 Brooklyn, New York | Check out our office here.
🥙 Daily Uber credits | $20 lunch, $25 dinner
💪 State of the art gym access
💻 Latest 16-inch Macbook Pro

This role is for a Senior Product Designer focused on Apps that has high level experience in both UX and UI design who is capable of carrying out design projects from start to finish. You will report to the Head of Customer Experience.  

What does this role look like?

As a Senior Product Designer, you are responsible for creating high-quality, well-organized, scalable designs on Figma. You will work closely with our Product, Growth, and Engineering teams to design a product with intuitive user flows and sleek designs, focusing mainly on Whop Apps. 

Though we plan on growing our design team to 10 by the end of 2024, you will be joining our team as our fourth designer. This means you will have to be incredibly organized in your documentation of all designs and processes so that anyone new joining our team can quickly get up to speed. Your designs must not only be intuitive and visually appealing for our user base, but they must also be clear and easily understood by our engineering team. 

You will develop ideas for and drive growth led product initiatives by not only designing new apps, but also by constantly updating and improving existing apps, user flows, and high-fidelity mockups to create a seamless user experience, and full flow. You will be building new concepts and quickly iterating to bring them to life. This requires high level scenario planning and project management skills. You will also be conducting extensive user research and usability testing, gathering feedback to make high-conviction, data-driven decisions.

As you create, and iterate on, new app components for many different verticals such as fitness, sports betting, calendar booking, trading, merch, etc., you must still funnel everything back to Whop’s visual brand and its original components. 

Your first 90 days will look like the following:

  • Within 30 days, you will understand our product, our design system, and initiate design work on a small-sized app, ensuring it aligns with Whop's visual brand and components.

  • Within 60 days, you will progress to designing a medium-sized app and continuously improve the small app created in the initial 30 days.

  • Within 90 days, you should achieve mastery of our design system, successfully design multiple apps informed by user research and stakeholder feedback, identify and resolve design bottlenecks, maintain proactive and clear communication, consistently meet deadlines without compromising quality, and collaborate effectively with engineering and product teams.

Who you are

At Whop, you will constantly be put in positions where you’re the new kid on the block and must make a name for yourself as it relates to building. You’re someone who could be dropped in a random city with the ability to figure things out. You’re someone who wants to join a company that has a chance of changing the world. The company is growing 10x YoY. You will be expected to move with urgency, have high initiative, and put in the hours necessary to do whatever it takes to win.

Your communication style is proactive and clear, ensuring no details slip through the cracks. Whether it’s flagging potential issues or keeping the team updated, your responsiveness keeps projects moving swiftly.

Every product you ship reflects your commitment to quality. You don’t just solve problems; you craft experiences, ensuring every user interaction is smooth, intuitive, and reliable by handling every edge case with precision and a deep focus on UX and UI. You are ultra-receptive to feedback, and you have a strong ability to give feedback to those around you.

Deadlines are sacred to you. You deliver, consistently, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of your work. Dependability isn’t just a trait; it’s your trademark, making you an invaluable asset to our mission.

You have worked with engineering and product teams before, and you have a full understanding of the product life cycle. You’re eager to push processes forward to complete your tasks. You know exactly how to communicate efficiently with all stakeholders, whether it’s design, backend, or even customers.

You are extremely detail-oriented, obsessing over every single pixel. You are able to put the user experience above everything else, including your own ego. You excel at making designs that are not only visually appealing, but also incredibly intuitive and user friendly: your designs should be simple yet powerful. You must know how to balance framing high-level UX strategy while executing at low levels of detail. You must be driven by user needs and have a strong service design approach to solving complex business problems. 

You enjoy identifying and solving bottlenecks, and you are able to provide scalable, long-term value in all aspects of your work. You are able to manage multiple complex projects at once, staying organized and prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines. You don’t take things at face value – you ask questions when something doesn’t make sense to you, you push back when you disagree, and are constantly, proactively, looking for ways to improve and push the product forward. You must hold yourself to the highest bar when it comes to quality and craft in visual and interaction design. 

As a Senior Product Designer, you must have the experience and autonomy to execute a project from conception to completion without hand holding or micromanagement. 


  • 5+ years of product design experience, with an excellent eye for design - see Whop.com

  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with Figma

  • A strong portfolio demonstrating your skills in product design, user experience design, and visual design.

  • Strong understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and interaction design.

  • Experience conducting user research, usability testing, and analyzing data to inform design decisions.

  • Strong understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and interaction design.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and methodically prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.

  • Experience working at a startup (preferred)

  • Familiarity with web and mobile design constraints, including responsive design and accessibility best practices.

We look forward to hearing from you!

At Whop, we’re looking for people who are resourceful, competitive, and gritty. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. We welcome those who are passionate about their craft and want to work hard to build a world class product with us that will enable anyone and everyone to become an internet entrepreneur.

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