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Licensed Clinical Care Manager (CCM) -- New York State



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Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2023
Do you want to improve the lives of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)? Join Ophelia and help patients get access to the evidence-based, high-quality medication for OUD (MOUD) they deserve.
When the x-waiver was still a requirement, fewer than 5% of eligible clinicians had one, and only 50% of waivered clinicians prescribed buprenorphine at all. While x waivers are no longer required, there is still an undeniable gap in providing MOUD to patients.
Ophelia wants to change that. We're looking for providers who are patient-centered, non-judgmental, and want to offer patients the treatment they need to stay well.
The Licensed Clinical Care Manager (CCM) is a critical part of our care team at Ophelia. As an Advanced Practice Practitioner, you will provide clinical care to stable patients receiving medication for opioid use disorder and a narrow suite of psych disorders (depression, anxiety, etc…).
You’ll work closely with prescribing clinicians, triage nurses, and administrative care coordinators to deliver compassionate, evidence-based treatment to patients with OUD.
The CCM offers non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing support for stable patients, acts as a liaison and advocate for them, and ensures patients receive appropriate care as their needs evolve. The CCM conducts follow up visits, induction check-in calls, and urine drug screen visits. If a patient requires more intensive or higher acuity care for a period, the CCM can escalate to the prescribing clinician or increase the cadence of visits.
The ideal candidate is a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant who:
-- Has a passion for serving vulnerable populations, and;
-- Is interested in getting experience treating patients with OUD via telehealth in a supportive team
environment, and;
-- Is looking for full time work in a fast-paced, innovative start-up that puts patients first
No experience with MOUD is required for this role: we will teach you what you need to know!

In this role you will be responsible for:

  • Treatment Plans: collaborate with Prescribing Clinician (PC) to determine individualized treatment plans for patients; facilitate changes to treatment plans when patients are not improving as expected in consultation with the PC
  • Behavioral Interventions: use motivational interviewing, behavioral activation and other behavioral interventions as needed to motivate patients to remain in care and adherent to their treatment plan and conduct behavioral health / psych evals for the suite of psych services we treat (depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.)
  • Monitor/Medication Management: systematically track treatment response and monitor patients for changes in clinical symptoms and side effects, treatment adherence, the effectiveness of treatment or complications; prepare prescription requests for the PC to approve
  • Ensure patients remain compliant with essential and recurring clinical tasks, including monthly completion of measurement based care assessments
  • Education: provide patient education on OUD and MOUD
  • Charting: Document all patient encounters in Ophelia’s EHR in a timely manner

Training and License Requirements

  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant
  • Licensed in NY

Required Skills

  • Ability to provide patient-centered, non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing compassionate care
  • Demonstrated experience working with vulnerable or marginalized populations
  • Comfortable working with a diverse population of people 1-3+ years post-training experience
  • Proficient and comfortable working in a remote tele-health environment
  • Excited about working in an early-stage healthcare startup that is fast-paced and always evolving processes and technology to meet patient and clinician needs
  • Ability to independently manage a large panel of patients
  • Working knowledge of differential diagnosis of common substance use disorders
  • Basic knowledge of psychopharmacology for opioid use disorder
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and communicate effectively in a team setting
  • Ability to maintain effective and professional relationships with patient and other members of the care team
  • Working knowledge of evidence-based psychosocial treatments, counseling techniques, or brief behavioral intervention
This role is a remote, telehealth position that allows you to work collaboratively with the Ophelia team, while conveniently at your home, with the opportunity to set your own schedule.
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